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    Against anti-thefts on food, let’s take out the pans – Liberation




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    Put on meat, fish or cheese, a deterrent device: this is the latest find to fight against shoplifting. A shameful lockout in the midst of a social crisis marked by record inflation.

    A duo of minced steaks, from a well-known brand once touted by a bearded former rugby player, sold in a plastic box sealed like a video game. The image, for a few months, has been going up regularly in the thread of our social networks (Twitter, Facebook), among other shots of pieces of barbecue under vacuum equipped with “pins”, as one finds on clothes, which are triggered at the passing through a gate, or more discreet but equally dissuasive magnetic tags. It is accompanied by a concert of (legitimate) indignation and confuses the commentator who has the social crisis in mind.

    These locks on food, which have also flourished in British or American supermarkets, are not new to hypermarkets. They have been attaching it to bottles of spirits, cosmetics or boxes of condoms for a long time without anyone being moved and the voice of the North remember that ten years ago, a supermarket in Lille had tried the experiment on pieces of beef before recognizing a “clumsiness”. But in the current context, we can see it, downright, as violence.


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