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    Ordinary violence

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    On TikTok, with the hashtag #SubwayShirt, young women denounce the fact that they change their outfit before taking public transport to avoid harassment.

    Summer 2020. London. 29-year-old influencer Sophie Milner prepares to leave her apartment after a workout at home. She has a quick errand to run. Record temperatures oblige, she wears shorts and a sports bra. Before slamming the front door, she backs up and puts on an ultra-large t-shirt. “I realized that I had been doing it unconsciously for years so that people wouldn’t stare at me or call out to me. It’s constant in the summer and especially when I have to take public transport,” tell to Release the one that brings together 193,000 subscribers on Instagram. Three years later, on May 5, she came across another content creator’s post, Rae Hersey, on the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States. We see the young dark-haired woman sitting in a bar. She unbuttons and takes off a loose white shirt, revealing a tight black top. In legend “When you arrive at your destination and you can take off your subway shirt”. In hashtag #SubwayShirt. 670,000 views.

    Nth avoidance strategy

    Sophie Milner continues: “I’ve been wanting to talk about these outfits that we have to change at the last minute because of the constant harassment we’ve been experiencing for a long time and when I saw Rae’s video I thought to myself: Oh my God, other women are doing this and in New York.” The 30-year-old adds her post to the building. A past


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