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    Anna Biolay, “nepo baby” and network hatred – Liberation




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    Present in Cannes on Thursday May 18, the young actress and daughter of Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni found herself at the heart of an ire 2.0. Comments on his status as a star child, but above all and much more nauseating, insults on his physique.

    The hunt for “nepo babies”: barely five months ago, Release deciphered this phenomenon which is in full swing in the United States. “In 2022, the denunciation “nepo babies”, literally “children of nepotism”, was one of the most shared trends on social networks to the point of ending the year on the cover of New YorkMagazineexplained the article. The hashtag #nepobaby has accumulated millions of views. Youtubers, Twittos and TikTokeurs search the Internet for the ascendants of their favorite stars, often discovering with bitterness their links with the industry.amusement. […] So why this digital uprising? For this generation of Internet users who track privileges, it is intolerable that the “nepo babies” do not recognize theirs.

    In France, continues our article, “a movement comparable to that of the United States has not (yet) taken place on social networks […]. Perhaps because the critique of social reproduction is already ensured by the “class defectors”» such


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