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    are swimming pools condemned to be above ground? – Liberation




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    Consuming water, energy and chemical products, do private swimming pools, numbering 3.5 million in France, still have any meaning in times of climate emergency? Not ready to give up, professionals are trying to innovate to make them more economical, if not to make them totally virtuous.

    Swimming pools, in a warmed world where water is scarce, are they anachronistic? To fight against the drought which is harshly raging in the Pyrénées-Orientales, a symptom of climate change at work, the authorities decided to ban the sale of above-ground swimming pools there at the beginning of May. This measure, to which is added the ban on the filling and upgrading of swimming pools already in force in around twenty departments in mid-May, unsurprisingly displeases swimming pool specialists. “Banning the use of water in swimming pools will not solve the problem of drought in certain French regions”, was moved in a statement by the Federation of Pool and Spa Professionals (FPP), denouncing in passing a pool-bashing. According


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