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    “At night, it’s another world where we reveal ourselves for better and for worse” – Liberation

    Chronicle “It’s back”

    Organizers, DJs, establishment managers, night owls, observers… Every Wednesday, “Libé” gives voice to those who live for and through the night. Today, the artistic director and co-organizer of free Teufs Bordeaux Früor.

    He has one foot in the Gironde party, a free and self-managed version, and the other in communication and event production, at Item Artists, in Marseille. Still a student in his hometown, where he cut his teeth in festive raves before the pandemic, Nicolas Martinez, 25, founding member of Früor (an association under the law of 1901), which has been organizing electronic parties in Bordeaux for a year and a half. , nevertheless keep your feet on the ground. Also in the artistic direction of this musical collective, graphic designer on the job, follower of visuals that are both modern (3D or with chrome effect) and old school tendency 90′s, this regular at the Iboat, an institution of clubbing with Bordeaux sauce, the old Void or the Marseille parties of the Metaphore collective, advocates a night where “kif, fun and inclusion” are the ingredients for a successful party. With quality programming and “benevolence”, which he watches over in the evening thanks to a dedicated brigade, to prevent attacks or take care of night owls in trouble. When he’s not a DJ, under the name of Ruines, focused on trance.

    Previously on “It’s back”

    Your definition of night

    “At night, everything is different: we rediscover the city and its spaces in a different light. We are far from the urban swarming of the day. It’s another world in which we reveal ourselves for better and for worse. It is also a space for political struggle.”

    Your first ride

    “I started going out around when I was 17 or 18. I was listening to extreme metal then, but six years ago the parents of my girlfriend at the time, who are great partygoers, took us with my best friend to a rave in an abandoned school near Talence (Gironde). It was a big darons party with big sound, there was a staircase that led to a floor where everything was tagged with metal sculptures. When I arrived, the windows were vibrating like crazy, it was impressive and I wondered where I was doing the wrong thing. I got home quite early, but it made a big impression on me: it was quite different from what we are currently experiencing in terms of parties. A year later, again. I went to my first solo bike rave on the right bank in Bordeaux. It was a Fugitiv’, in an old hangar with lasers, another world, I had to leave around 9 am and the cops let the evening pass. After that I totally changed my vibe.

    your look

    “In parties, I’m often all in black. I also wear bombers. It’s my favorite item of clothing that has a stain that I can’t remove, I bought it in a thrift store in Paris, with my pair of Doc’s that are starting to wear out.”

    your fuel

    “Beer ! I drink a lot of flavored drinks these days. Sugar keeps me going. And the sound, when it is good.”

    your next weekend

    “Friday, I’m in Marseille, so I’ll go to Cabaret RANDOM [club dans la Friche de la Belle de mai, ndlr] for the evening at the Venus Club. The programming is pretty cool. And then, on Saturday evening, we organize a Früor evening at One Percent, a bar in club format with a cellar, place de la Victoire, in Bordeaux. I’m mixing a little around 3:30 am and planning a gabber set [genre hollandais de techno hardcore] to change from the trance that I usually play.

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