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    At the restaurant, the QR code breaks the menu – Liberation




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    If the cards to flash with your phone improve profitability, they dehumanize the pleasure of the guests. Without forgetting the personal data that we leave on the tablecloth with the tip.

    The QR code punctuated our lives during confinement. He was our health pedigree, our passport to cross borders, our guarantor of probation and therefore relative freedom. Here it is again which arises unexpectedly in a society which has dominated the disease, but which has consciously chosen to keep its surveillance bodies in moments of leisure. At the restaurant, when this horrible black and white scar appears on the tables, you know that the ordeal is near. The server explains to you (rather than handing you a menu, which takes two seconds) that to access the menu, you will have to take out your smartphone and flash the code. This is practical for the restaurateur who can update his menu quickly without going through the printer. And it’s mostly profitable because a QR code limits interactions with servers, speeds up your time at the table, even tempts customers with photos, and can even collect data, as many sites that offer this claim “digital solution” (

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