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    “Bean to bar”, chocolate has what it takes to be a bean – Liberation

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    In reaction to industrial chocolate and in line with the American “bean to bar” movement, French artisans develop their bars by transforming the beans themselves to control the taste, promote the traceability of the seeds and highlight the producers.

    Behind the white storefront, the variations of browns and the warm colors of the bars, rocks and other chocolate pastries contrast with the light wood of the counters. But what strikes you when you push the door of the Plaq factory-boutique, rue du Nil in Paris, is the smell of cocoa. On this January afternoon, a powerful acidity still marks the scent that escapes from the two mixers installed in the laboratory open to the shop. In the stainless steel vats, shards of cocoa beans turn into a brown, lumpy paste under the action of granite millstones. In a few hours, sugar will be added to it, and the marriage of these two ingredients will form chocolate.

    These are my beautiful American girls», Barely jokes Nicolas Rozier-Chabert, about these machines unearthed across the Atlantic. With his partner Sandra Mielenhausen, he opened this place in 2019. After a career in an audiovisual production company and in marketing for luxury houses, the epicurean couple, sharing a passion for black shelves, chose to make your own chocolate by working from cocoa beans. “We wanted to tell and share the chocolate and it was the only way to really master the taste” explains the boss.

    The beans being ground are Chuao cocoa beans, named after the Venezuelan village where they were harvested and then fermented and dried, two decisive steps in the development.

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