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    Day by Day, the recipe for a bulk box – Liberation


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    Responsible consumptioncase

    A pioneer in this mode of consumption, the French brand created in 2013 continues to expand in France, is exported abroad and is trying to democratize its clientele.

    Behind her large brown sunglasses, Marielle meticulously scrutinizes a row of Plexiglas silos filled with pasta, lentils or rice of all colors. “We’re starting to see bulk everywhere, but I didn’t know there were shops dedicated to that. I discovered the brand in a TV report”, indicates this 68-year-old lady who works in marketing, surprised to find honey on the shelves or a wide choice of coffee. Located in a small busy street in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, between a hairdresser and a wine shop, the Day by Day grocery store could almost pass for a small classic supermarket. Customers arrive in dribs and drabs at the end of the afternoon, mostly local regulars, who have been bulking up for a few years for ecological reasons.

    “In an environment of sores, it develops quite a bit”, notes, amused, Antoine. This 31-year-old engineer now tries to do 100% of his shopping in bulk. “I’m glad I found this store because it has household products, coffee… things I couldn’t find elsewhere. It saves me from ordering them online or going to a supermarket,” he continues. “You might think that bulk consumers have a typical profile, young, white and bourgeois, but the reality is more complex than that”, believes Laryssa, store employee and student in BTS dietetics. The grocery store being a local business


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