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    from camellia to jeweled panties – Liberation


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    Parisian fashion week dedicated to women’s ready-to-wear for fall-winter 2023-2024 ended on Tuesday with, among others, Chanel, Miu Miu and Y-Project.

    France marches (against pensions)? Fashion too. Paris Fashion Week continued on Tuesday, for its last day of women’s ready-to-wear fashion shows for fall-winter 2023-2024. It was Chanel that set the tone for this day of bowling, with a collection and staging centered around the camellia, the house symbol. The founder Coco would have made it her emblem for several reasons: as a teenager, she had been dazzled by Sarah Bernhardt in the Lady of the Camellias. Marcel Proust was one of the elegant who wore it, stitched to the jacket. It seems that Mademoiselle also appreciated that the flower had “the delicacy of not exhaling any perfume, to better offer women the freedom to choose their own”.

    At the ephemeral Grand Palais, a huge camellia in fabric of changing colors (white, pink, red), constitutes the central and spectacular element of an otherwise refined decor, black to the fine black sand that 66 silhouettes will tread on. But the collection itself is not part of the return to a certain formalism often observed in this Parisian salvo. If it takes up the house codes, it tends rather to relaxation, like these fi


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