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    “I want to make athletes beautiful and feel strong” – Liberation


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    The creator of the Pigalle brand has the heavy responsibility of dressing all the French teams for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the support of Le Coq sportif. He tells us what inspired him, two months before the jerseys were unveiled.

    Stéphane Ashpool, a passionate basketball designer at the head of the fashion brand Pigalle, is the artistic director in charge of dressing the athletes of the French teams for the Olympic and Paralympic Games which will take place in Paris, during the summer 2024. For nearly a year, he has been dividing his time between his workshop in the 18th arrondissement of the capital and Romilly-sur-Seine, in the Aube, where he develops the collections of the 4,000 athletes (each will be entrusted between 20 and 30 pieces for the duration of the competition) and their staff with the Coq Sportif. This coveted part of the next Olympics, which is more in a city like Paris where fashion is almost a sporting activity, turns out to be both a technical and aesthetic bet which must, according to him, represent the diversity of the French population. He tells to Freed how he won the bet, ahead of heavyweights like Lacoste and Adidas.

    How did you get involved in these Games?

    The project developed with Le Coq Sportif was popular, because it is by far the only one able to produce mainly in France. We are going to dress the athletes for all three entities of the Olympics: the representation, which covers the times when the athlete picks up his medal, is interviewed on France 2, and travels to the Olympic village; then the locker room dedicated to training


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