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    “If it’s cheap, I’ll take” – Liberation




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    From this Friday, May 5 and for four days, the Chinese online fast-fashion giant has moved into a store in the heart of the capital, in order to retain its French customers. Despite the social and ecological controversies, there are crowds.

    Of course Lena already has “heard the bad things that are said” on Shein – accusations of forced labor in a Uyghur camp, non-compliance with European legislation on the composition of products full of chemical and toxic substances, among others. But she “did not want to know more. And if it is, it is false. A high school student, Léna mainly buys her false eyelashes and false nails on the website of the Chinese brand, leader in the ultra-fast-fashion market. Clothes are also of interest to her and she spends between 9 and 16 euros on each item.

    Lena is anything but a UFO. This Friday, May 5, at 10:30 a.m., there was a crowd in front of 18, rue des Archives in Paris, where Shein, the leading site for buying clothing for 15-24 year olds (in front of H & M) in France according to the marketing site Kantar, opened a pop-up store for four days.

    “If it’s cheap, I take”

    In the endless queue, many mothers accompany their daughters. But others came solo, fervent consumers under the influence of their offspring. “I have two teenagers at home, they converted me”, if


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