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    In architecture, constructive women – Liberation


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    Less rewarded and less rewarded than their male colleagues, women too often suffer from a lack of visibility. However, today they represent a third of the profession and carry out large-scale projects. “Liberation” puts eight profiles in the spotlight.

    Let’s repeat the game: after the designers, quote current and well-living famous architects. You may come to mind Renzo Piano, Frank Gehry or Tadao Ando and for the French “star-architects” Jean Nouvel and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The most daring will perhaps pronounce the names of Bernard Tschumi, Jacques Herzog and Rudy Ricciotti.

    Rarely that of a woman, except that of Zaha Hadid, a world-renowned archi-pioneer, with many still influential achievements (950 projects in 44 countries according to the magazine Architectural Digest), died prematurely in 2016. And that is the problem: in the collective mind, women do not exist in architecture, at least, they are often unknown. They are just as little recognized. The prestigious prizes, like the Pritzker qualified as the “Nobel of architecture” and awarded Tuesday at the Britann


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