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    In Aubusson, Miyazaki tapestry – Liberation




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    Until 2024, the International Tapestry City transposes the imagination of the co-founder of the Ghibli studio into five woven creations. A project that aims to make an ancestral know-how better known to the general public.

    The work always causes the same effect on those who approach it. Looking dumbfounded, they pull out their smartphone to photograph the tapestry, so imposing that you have to take several steps back for it to fit into the screen. Twenty-five square meters, more than a thousand color combinations and precision as it looks like a 3D image. This Howl’s Moving Castle, a creation taken from the animated film of the same name released in 2004, has been exhibited since the beginning of the month at the Cité internationale de la Tapisserie d’Aubusson in Creuse. Sophie, the young heroine whom a witch has changed into an old lady, finds refuge there in the huge mobile fortress built of odds and ends – the weaving manages to imitate wood, metal and stone – where the magician Hauru lives which she hopes will help her regain her appearance. “I think I saw it on Netflix”launches a teenager trained here by her father.

    The idea of ​​transposing the world of Hayao Miyazaki into an Aubusson tapestry has long been in the mind of Emmanuel Gérard, the director of the Cité internationale. Supported by a mixed union, the establishment inaugurated in 2016 brings together a museum, a training center and a creation centre. An agreement with Studio Ghibli, which manages the work

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