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    In Paris, the Aiguille en fête fair has the mesh rating – Liberation


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    On Sunday, the French Speed ​​Knitting Championship took place in Paris. The opportunity for budding knitters as experts to attend the coronation of the Breton star of the discipline, Catherine Bouënard, and to see a strong comeback of the practice of crochet among the younger generations.

    Poke, throw, slide, poke, throw, slide… In leaden silence, the compact crowd has their gaze focused on the hands of the three finalists. Comfortably installed on a pink platform, facing a large countdown, the competitors have their faces closed, riveted on their nimble fingers. The gesture is quick and precise. The stitches are linked together with disconcerting ease. “Come on Isabelle, you can do it!” dares a person in the audience. To which responds a “Hush” authoritarian. “Let them focus!” We do not laugh with the stars of knitting. Like every year, Aiguille en fête, the “international yarn arts fair”, hosted the French Speed ​​Knitting Championship from March 9 to 12, open to everyone. This Sunday, the good-natured atmosphere of the day, where the qualifying rounds followed one another, joyfully punctuated by the voice of Jimmy Tricotin, knitting influencer with nearly 11,000 subscribers on Instagram, gave way to the seriousness of the competition.

    After 180 long seconds, the three competitors put their needles on their knees, a broad smile on their lips. The suspense is short-lived. For the ninth consecutive year, Catherine Bouënard, the “Lucky Luke of knits” as she is nicknamed in the industry, is declared the winner with 242 stitches made in three minutes.

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