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    Japanese sex toys after death? – Liberation

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    Supposed to “enhance the pleasure of the other world tenfold”, Japanese sex toys decline the “isekai” genre, another world where life after death would be much more enviable and exciting. Decryption of the phenomenon by the Japanologist Eric Faure, specialist in ghosts.

    Since the beginning of the 2010s, there has been an extremely popular genre (of manga, cartoons or video games) in Japan called isekai, literally “the other world”, which tells how a person suddenly finds himself – following a fatal accident or a teleportation – in a parallel world, endowed with superpowers. The success of isekai is such that in 2016 and 2017 the genre was banned from two literary competitions in Japan: more than three quarters of the manuscripts received exploited the recurring scenario of a person passing from life to death and “waking up” in a different world.

    Although this type of story can be related to ancient legends, it has the specificity of depicting the other world as a dream destination. The story always begins like this: stuck in the dreary routine of a daily life devoid of thrill, an average individual (anonymous employee or unemployed) switches into a universe generally resulting from a fantasy video game, populated by sexy elves or pretty girls-cats. In this universe, humans have a master asset called cheat (cheating), which allows him to become a superhero, with fabulous powers and often even a new, much more attractive body. In the other world, when the hero is a man, all the girls are at his feet, a pretext for the development of countless isekai pornographic.

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