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    K-pop stars knock out fashion – Liberation


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    During Fashion Week, K-pop fans flocked to see their idols, invited to the front row of the biggest parades, not for their style of dress but for their power on social networks.

    Each Fashion Week, a parallel circuit is organized, following the procession of buyers, journalists, influencers and celebrities who go to the fashion shows. This public bis takes the metro to cross the Parisian shows to which it is not invited. It is made up of apprentice influencers seeking to attract the lens of photographers who throng as guests enter and leave, and groupies of all kinds, more motivated by the stars than fashion, screaming and hurrying to see a tiny piece of silhouette between three security guards. Among these stands out a particularly strong and vocal contingent, that of fans of K-pop, this syncretic musical genre (which mixes dance, hip-hop, electro, rock, r’n’b…) from South Korea . At the Celine spring-summer show, thousands of people crowded in front of the Palais de Tokyo to try to catch a glimpse of Lisa from Blackpink and V from BTS. This week, Léna Mahfouf made a story of Jisoo (also Blackpink) inside the Dior show for her fans who couldn’t see her close enough, an intercession that says a lot about the hierarchy of teenage idols.

    Total indifference to fashion

    Explaining the worldwide phenomenon of K-pop goes beyond our ambition here, which boils down to observing the dependence in which luxury brands find themselves on the most followed groups. He is


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