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    Murielle Kabile, brush girl – Liberation

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    La Martiniquaise makes extravagant pieces from synthetic or natural hair fibers, with the desire to enhance textured hair.

    Notice to hair fetishists! If you are familiar with the work of the Swiss hairdresser Pablo Kümin or the capillary and barred sculptures of the Frenchman Charlie Le Mindu, among other craftsmen of the hair garment, you can add to the panel the pieces as prodigious as they are dreamlike by Murielle Kabile. This hair designer and stylist, native of Martinique, makes dresses and accessories from bundles of synthetic or natural hair. Since 2015, she has been braiding, smoothing, crepe, embroidering or sewing hair material for creations ranging from jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) to gala outfits, including breastplates and headpieces.

    “I also sometimes use natural or synthetic hair for works of art or design objects”, she says to Release. She has named her discipline “design hair couture”: “I’m not just into hairdressing, nor just into sewing. We needed a term that clearly conveys my practice, which lies between haute coiffure and haute couture.” How does it obtain its raw material? “I don’t have a supplier. I do my shopping as if I were buying fabric. I look at the quality, the colors… I can sometimes spend up to 5,000 euros, or even more, when I work on several pieces at the same time”, says the one who is now installed in Paris, in a workshop in the 19th arrondissement.

    The West Indian is 2 years old when she arrives in

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