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    No to fake kiss – Liberation

    No thanks, Changzhou Professional Institute of Technology (Jiangsu Province, China). At the end of February, we learned from various articles that we owe him an invention for which the patent has just been filed. The device is very ugly, even repulsive: a silicone mouth that evokes, at your choice, the lips of infants or the “duck faces” of addicts to cosmetic surgery. The idea is to pair her to her mobile phone screen via Bluetooth and then kiss her, after connecting with an application. The toc mouth is equipped with pressure sensors that reproduce the movement, temperature and pressure of the kiss. Which smack can then be transferred to other pseudo-lips anywhere.

    An article from BFM teaches us that the target clientele is mainly couples, but that “the mobile application, however, offers a space for “discovery, where it is possible to exchange kisses with strangers. The function takes the approach of Tinder, where the two Internet users must “match” and then ask if they want to kiss. It is also possible to test kisses from strangers. “Sold for forty dollars, the object is not in its first version. A similar device, the Kissinger, had also been offered for sale, but its design lacked realistic lips.

    But why ?

    The storytelling that surrounds this “remote kissing device for long-distance lovers” (a remote kissing device for distant lovers) wants the idea to have come from an engineer himself in a long distance relationship. If this is really the case, one pities his other half. Because its invention supposes the belief in an ersatz or then the feeling that “it’s funny”. While looking at the pictures, it looks like people are suckling, which is embarrassing coming from adults. And as exact as the capture, we do not see how the sensation could be as significant as a kiss. in real life. Moreover, one can imagine that the objective is to fill or even eradicate the lack. But why ? Being able to kiss someone you’ve been estranged from again is so good and beautiful, the deprivation multiplies the pleasure. Only one case seems to us to be able to justify this gadget: a pandemic which would force social distancing, that we would troll by these word-of-mouths.


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