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    “Party is a social and political media” – Liberation



    Chronicle “It’s back”

    Organizers, DJs, establishment managers, night owls, observers… Every Wednesday, Libé gives voice to those who live for and through the night. Today, an “old traveler” of the Lyon LGBTQ nightlife and organizer of the Garçon Sauvage evenings.

    Here is a performance to our knowledge unequaled in France: having shown his ass to more than 60,000 people live, during ten years of crazy evenings. “They tell me that I have the most famous ass in Lyon”brandishes Chantal La Nuit, “old traveler who doesn’t take herself seriously”. With her collective Plus belle la nuit, born in 2010 from the desire to dynamite the local LGBT nightlife, this tall blonde from Burgundy – we recognize her by her long wavy wig, her miniskirt and her slender legs –, 45, can easily be described as an essential figure of the Lyon festival.

    To his credit: twenty years of organizing crazy, political parties that give pride of place to culture. First at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon at the turn of the 2000s. Then in the locker room of the United café, before launching its queer evenings: the Middle Gender, at the Sonic – a barge on the Saône – pop-rock oriented, then the Bunny Slut club – at the Métal café, which is no longer – rather Italian-disco, the Garçon Sauvage, which since 2015 has become one of the popular evenings at Sucre, a club on the Confluences peninsula, which is also exported in Paris. City teacher, Chantal La Nuit, “a family life, with a guy and two kids”, concedes that with age she comes out “more and more rarely and even less after”. She still has a favorite harbor, the XS, a gay troquet in the center of Lyon, with the air of a PMU bar.

    Your definition of night

    “It is very linked to my project More beautiful at night. I consider the party to be a social and political medium and a means of transmitting values. It was therefore taking revenge on what was produced in Lyon in watering troughs with shitty music, sorts of second cupboards for gays. We wanted the LGBT public to be respected, to experience the most beautiful moments possible in the most beautiful settings possible. But the night is also the meeting of the other, it is what makes the success of our parties, people are in a very empathetic relationship with the other.

    Your first ride

    “My very first outings must have been in very mainstream straight clubs in Saône-et-Loire. I was 16, we went to a very small 50m2 club, the Must, in Montceau-les-Mines where some pretty cool eighties music played. I rubbed shoulders with the nightlife like that and I met people, a friend among others who told me “we have to go to the Bataclan [devenu en 2019 l’Alpha Club, ndlr] in Diou». It was a discotheque in the middle of a meadow in the Allier with a very colorful, exuberant and free gay public from the region on Sundays, costumed characters, transvestites and transformists. I had to drive 80 kilometers in a car, I had to hide and lie to my family to get there, change in the car: a real expedition, brilliant but also scary. However, by entering this box, the first time, I discover that I am not alone. It intimidated me, I wondered if I was going to feel in my place and it disrupted my life a lot for me who was hidden at the time. It was three evenings later, in the parking lot of this box and in the middle of the fields, that I rolled my first shovel.

    your fuel

    “The Prep [pilule préventive contre le VIH] and mass at Sainte-Blandine every Sunday, the church in my neighborhood [rires]. But without messing around: the vodka and coke. I confess: I love booze.

    your object

    “My microphone! I’m an upset singer: I can’t sing. But that doesn’t stop me when I’m tipsy, in the evening, from performing a saucy song that’s pretty naughty. I cut the music during the intersets, I get yelled at from elsewhere and I end up hiding to sing it. But it became a running gag between us. Her name is Vertical and it does “I like vertical lovemaking, oral-anal intercourse, etc.” Some in Lyon know it by heart.”

    your next weekend

    “On Thursday evening, I will be on stage for the Garçon Sauvage of the Nuits sonores [festival lyonnais de musique électronique]with my crew and the friends of House of Briantz [collectif de performeurs queer], our resident Lonely Man, HAAi and Dana Montana. It’s at H7 in a 1,500-seat hall and the evening has long been sold out. There will be surprises, perfs and militant moments. I am very proud of this date. The rest of the weekend, I’m going to flutter. I never plan my outings.


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