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    Reality TV shows about marriage are fascinating – Liberation


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    M6 is relaunching its program “Married at first sight” on Monday, which offers candidates to marry without knowing each other. Does this type of frightening program reflect a society that makes unity an unsurpassable horizon or a world that desacralizes everything?

    The trailer appeared one evening when the torpor began to invade us, in front of M6: the show Married at first sight would return to the air on Monday. We’re not going to lie: having a weakness for reality TV shows devoted to nuptials and the search for love in general, the announcement made us happy. We may be convinced of the low interest of the institution, this type of program fascinates us. Perhaps because he reminds us that for the others either, the case does not flow naturally and that, roughly speaking, everyone has a hard time. To the point that young people, in Married at first sight therefore, agree to meet their promised only when they arrive at the town hall. They get married and only then begin the first stages of a relationship: dating, meeting family and friends, travelling… At the end of which, each decides whether or not he wishes to remain married. To adorn the thing with a veneer of seriousness, the show explains that the pairs are formed on the basis of a supposedly scientific method, the candidates first passing a battery of compatibility tests. The premise is also terrifying (which is desperate and shameless enough to

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