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    Hello mom cake

    Collaborations between musical artists and food product brands never stop raining. After the Spanish singer Rosalía who joined forces with Coca-Cola at the start of the year for a limited edition of cans of the famous soda, it is the turn of the Frenchwoman Clara Luciani to take an interest in bectance, and c t is for a good cause: in partnership with the Lenôtre house, the musician participated in the design of a cake, put on sale on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which will take place on June 4th.

    Baptized “Velour”, like the material from which this pastry is inspired, imagined with the pastry chef Etienne Leroy (crowned in 2017 world pastry champion, excuse me), this airy cake, with pretty shades of light plum, has flavors of vanilla, violet and red fruits. And if we tell you that it is for a good cause, it is that 10% of the turnover from the sales of this dish, marketed all the same for 59 euros for 6 guests, i.e. a little less than 10 euros per head pipe, will be donated to the Maison des femmes Marseille-Provence, opened in January 2022 and which helps women who are victims of violence. One more reason to give in to gluttony, which takes on its full meaning when it is adorned, in addition, with solidarity.

    Available on line and in Lenôtre boutiques. Count 59 euros for 6 people.


    You are beautiful pinot

    The Marcel Deiss estate, located in Bergheim, in Alsace, is one of the pioneers of biodynamics. Wines with small yields, several grape varieties planted within the 32 hectares, a viticultural approach in permanent research (geo-sensory tastings, gentle techniques), wines that are both intellectual and sensual… We love everything about this winemaker. We tasted the Pinot Noir, “entry level” from the estate and already incredibly fine. Pure enveloping velvet juice, both powerful and suave, with a nose of currants and cranberries. The mouth is fuller while keeping an acidity of small fruits. Great peppery finish, unforgettable like the last notes of an exhilarating concert – a beautiful and spiritual wine.

    Domaine Marcel Deiss, 15 Route du Vin, 68 750 Bergheim 03 89 73 63 37. Recommended retail price: 23 euros.

    Sauce that can

    A sauce to eat raw

    What to do with nuts, herbs, spinach and zucchini? Well a delicious no-cook sauce to add directly to hot pasta. This sauce has no name; so we’re going to call it the “no-cook” option.

    To achieve it, you will need: 50 g grated parmesan; 50 g coarsely chopped walnuts; 75g spinach leaves; 1 large clove garlic, peeled; 30 g of fresh basil; 30 g of fresh coriander; the juice of half a lime; 6 tablespoons of olive oil; 2 grated zucchini. Put all the ingredients in a blender, mix, salt, pepper, pour the sauce, yay!

    Recipe taken from Persiana Everyday by Sabrina Ghayour, Hachette Cuisine, 2022.


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