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    The bodies to be caressed by France Cadet are exhibited in the Bouches-du-Rhône – Liberation



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    Artificial intelligence: from fascination to concerncase

    The artist creates works that need to be touched: they react to stimuli in a suggestive way, confronting visitors with their own desires. His work is exhibited at the Polaris art center in Istres.

    France Cadet is not afraid to get naked, nor to expose her body to looks and inappropriate gestures. On the contrary. Born in 1971, this artist who grew up with the punk movement likes everything that jostles and disturbs. She produces works that must be caressed and which often stage her in the simplest device. “At the museum, conventions want us to stay remotely respectful of tables, she tells us. My own works, you have to touch them. When you touch them, they react. For Catherine Soria, artistic director of Polaris, an art center located in Istres, near Marseille, the work of France Cadet is original in that it encourages visitors to physically invest themselves in a relationship with the work. “People love it. By image or by interposed sculpture, France Cadet presents herself in front of them and restores the qualities of a performance. It creates a space for interactive exchange. We can just watch it, of course, but we also have the choice to act. The work only makes sense if you literally come into contact.”


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