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    A sexagenarian star accused of gender-based violence for “Sauvage” and a young actor who takes the opposite view of a raw and dark virility for “Bleu”: the two big houses are betting on two muses as opposite as they are profitable.

    Khôl, skin tanned by the sun, electric guitar, old car and arid desert: since 2015, a Johnny Depp a bit filthy and all in testosterone has invaded our magazines, screens, bus shelters as the ultra-virile muse of Sauvage de Dior. The house has never questioned the muse of one of its flagship perfumes, chosen in a pre-MeToo era, five years before the accusations of violence brought against the actor by his ex-wife Amber Heard. Whether it’s November 2020 when the hero of Pirates of the Caribbean attacked the newspaper The Sun for an article calling him “wife beater”, a complaint dismissed by the court, or during the trial in April 2022 for defamation against Amber Heard, at the end of which the jurors had concluded that the ex-spouses had defamed each other. Dior does not intend to separate from the actor, quite the contrary. On May 12, the American media variety revealed that the brand has renewed its contract for three years, a fee of 20 million dollars (18.4 m

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