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    women emit less CO2 than men – Liberation

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    According to an unpublished review of studies consulted, gender is a crucial variable in the fight against climate change. Women consume less meat and fuel and are more sensitive to green practices.

    What if gender was a key variable in the fight against global warming? For ten years and in particular since the 2020s, studies looking at the links between gendered consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have multiplied. Whether in terms of diet, leisure or mode of transport, women generally generate less greenhouse gases than men. In France, for example, of the 2.2% of the population who say they adopt a vegetarian diet, 67% are women, according to an Ifop poll published in 2021.

    National public policies have every interest in looking into the subject, according to economist Oriane Wegner, climate specialist at the Banque de France. In a blog post to be published on March 8 on the institution’s website, and whose Release received a preview, the expert produced a summary of studies on gender disparities in individual and professional behaviors that cause greenhouse gas emissions.

    “Combining gender and climate may seem surprising at first sight because we have in mind that the climate is a universal phenomenon, explain to Freed Oriane Wegner. But climate change is largely due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.


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