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    Andy Rourke, The Smiths’ bassist, has died



    Musician Andy Rourke DJs at LilySarahGrace Presents Color Outside The Lines in New York City, October 25, 2014.

    Andy Rourke, bass guitarist of British band the Smiths, has died at the age of 59, band-mate Johnny Marr announced Friday, lauding the passing of a “kind and beautiful soul”. Rourke died “after a lengthy illness with pancreatic cancer”, the Smiths co-founder and lead guitarist said on social media.

    Along with drummer Mike Joyce, Rourke provided a pounding and melodic rhythm section underlying Marr’s pioneering chords as the Smiths became one of Britain’s most influential bands during the 1980s. Battling heroin addiction and financial difficulties, Rourke joined Joyce in suing Marr and lyricist Morrissey for a greater share of royalties in the years following the band’s split in 1987.

    The bassist settled out of court, and his friendship with Marr survived the case. But Morrissey, who has increasingly flirted with far-right politics in recent years, was virulent about his former band-mates before adopting a more conciliatory tone in his book “Autobiography”.

    “Andy will be remembered as a kind and beautiful soul by those who knew him and as a supremely gifted musician by music fans,” Marr said, requesting privacy.

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