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    Before reaching space, SpaceX ravages the Earth’s environment – ​​Liberation




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    A few weeks after the spectacular Starship explosion, NGOs are warning about the environmental impact of such launches and on May 1 filed a lawsuit against SpaceX. The damage is multiple and the space industry is accused of doing nothing to limit it.

    Starship is the biggest rocket in the world, and therefore the one that does the most damage. Damage to the fauna and flora, to the lives of the inhabitants who live near its launch pad… The environmental assessment of such a metal monster raises questions. Two weeks after the maiden flight of SpaceX’s super-heavy launcher, on April 20, several American associations filed a lawsuit against the space company, arguing that it did not comply with environmental protection rules. which imposed themselves on her.

    “It’s about whether the national commitment to preserving wildlife habitat and precious coastal landscapes should be sacrificed when we set out to explore the cosmos,” balance by way of introduction the document received on May 1 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the government agency responsible for regulating aviation in the United States. The main signatory is the Center for Biological Diversity, along with the American Bird Conservancy (an organization that protects birds and their habitat), the Surfrider Foundation (specializing in oceans and coastlines), Save Rio Grande Valley (an association south texa


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