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    Do not touch the Fifth Republic, by Jean-Michel Aphatie – Liberation




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    Faced with the multiplication of calls for a new constitution, the political journalist retorts that doing away with a system where the way is traced by universal suffrage, and not by small-time combinations, would be nonsense.

    The low-level spirit floats on the pot. Come on, you noticed, of course. You hear these political leaders, they gesticulate asking for the “revision” of the Constitution or, even stronger, its disappearance. “Down with the Ve, they chant. Quick, life!” Among the latest examples to date, let us note the remarks of the rebellious deputy Clémence Guetté, Tuesday, May 9 in Release : “The Sixth Republic is now a requirement shared on the left. We must continue to work on the central role it will give to popular intervention and to Parliament.”

    Let’s start again at minus zero, since we are there. The Constitution organizes the functioning of public powers. It’s not a toy. It’s a tool. First of all, it must be efficient to allow leaders to face the catastrophes that constantly threaten societies. It must also correspond to the culture and intelligence of the society, themselves fabricated by accumulated experience, that is to say by history.

    A gem, a marvel

    If we go up a notch – we are at zero – the constitutional text given to us by Charles de Gaulle, the general – 1958, finishes in 19

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