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    Has an artificial intelligence succeeded in “reading minds” and representing them in images? – Liberation


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    Journey to the Heart of AIcase

    Being able to transcribe cerebral measurements into images is nothing new. A recent article, which has not yet been evaluated by the scientific community, describes an approach using the resources of Stable Diffusion, an artificial intelligence dedicated to image generation.

    Question asked by Chacol on March 3, 2023.

    In early March, a tweet plunged many readers of CheckNews in the greatest disbelief: an artificial intelligence would have been trained to decode brain signals, and show what volunteers were thinking. The message is illustrated by a series of images: we see for example that of a teddy bear, presented to a volunteer during an MRI, compared with a second teddy bear, very slightly different, which would have been reconstructed by the intelligence (AI) from the MRI signal. “In other words, comments the author of the viral tweet, the AI ​​literally reads people’s minds.” And manages to represent them faithfully.

    Pure science fiction? Despite the heavy scent of Brainstorm (1983) or Strange Days (1995) which seems to weigh on this announcement, there is absolutely nothing implausible about it. Admittedly, the particular case cited here refers to a study presented at the beginning of December 2022 in prepublication on bioRxivwhich has not yet been the subject


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