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    when the RN tries to make history – Liberation

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    The far-right formation has just published the proceedings of a symposium held in December on “the European Union, an Empire against the Nations”. “Liberation” went through it and was not disappointed.

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    The National Rally is a mature party ready to govern. The proof: the far-right formation organizes conferences in mansions of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, from which it then draws “Acts” on glossy paper, which is really serious. Release had been very bored at the evening of December 9, listening to the unknown, gray-haired and exclusively male speakers purr for hours on the theme: “The European Union, an Empire against the Nations.” We had finally let go. Wrongly: after reading the thirty or so pages of the “Acts” conference, received Wednesday, we say that the thought of the friends of Marine Le Pen really deserves to be shared.

    The general idea, then: the European Union is becoming an empire and “who says empire says imperialism”. We salute the feat of making no mention of Ukraine, invaded by the Russian neighbor with a recent and resurgent imperial past… except to denounce its possible membership of the EU. We will not be surprised by the paradox consisting in qualifying


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