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    “A special moment, which will mark a milestone”, Kylian Mbappé happy with his record after PSG-Nantes (4-2)

    The final whistle has already been given for several minutes, but the spectators present at the Parc des Princes have not left their seats. In the center of a huge club logo deployed on the lawn, trophy in hand and under a rain of fireworks, Kylian Mbappé played extra time to receive the deserved (and usual) ovations from his audience, he who is became this Saturday against Nantes the top scorer in the history of PSG. Before appearing at a press conference.

    When you spoke to the public, you quickly came to the Bayern game. Do you manage to take advantage of this 201st goal, or are you already focused on Wednesday?

    KYLIAN MBAPPE. I’m already focused on Wednesday’s game. I enjoyed with the public, it was really special. I thank all those who stayed at the stadium, who applauded me, but we must quickly move on. A great meeting awaits us, we are going there with a clear objective.

    Isn’t your next challenge to be the first PSG player to win the Ballon d’Or in a full season?

    It’s always a goal for players in my category, but it’s not the priority right now. It stays in the back of my mind. If it continues like this, I think we won’t be very far…

    Do you feel that this record comes at a positive, unifying moment for the team?

    It’s a good time for me. For the team, the most important thing is that they have put their heads together after the loss in Munich and the three consecutive defeats, and that they are ready for the challenge on Wednesday.

    Was it your best day at work?

    (Laughs.) Last week was a great day at work. Tonight is a special moment, which will mark a date. I think every footballer plays to leave their name in history, not to be forgotten. With that, I will be remembered here.

    We often talk about your future, will Wednesday’s match already be decisive for the future?

    I do not think so. If I linked my future to the Champions League, without disrespecting the club, I would have already gone very far (laughs). I’m very happy here, and I can’t think of anything other than enjoying PSG’s heyday.

    Speaking to the public, among the best goals you’ve scored here, you mentioned the one against Juventus in the Champions League this season. Is it really the most beautiful?

    This one was beautiful, right? Sorry Italians (laughs, the question was put to him by a journalist from the Gazzetta Dello Sport). There are a lot of things in one action, it can come out in the most beautiful, but I think I have a nice gallery in the 201…

    What if the best was yet to come? 202, Wednesday in Munich…

    204, 205… (laughs). We go there to win. We have humility, but we are a great team and we go there to win, to qualify and to come back happy.

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