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    Amateur basketball player receives 350,000 euros after being mistaken for his Wolverhampton namesake

    This is a funny surprise discovered by basketball player Joao Victor Gomes da Silva. The Brazilian mistakenly received a transfer of 350,000 euros to his bank account. The origin of the blunder: confusion about the identity of the player. The Flamengo club actually wanted to pay the money to their namesake footballer.

    He was expecting a transfer from his former club. But he had to wait a little longer than expected. Recruited by Wolverhampton this winter, the 22-year-old defensive midfielder was also targeted by Olympique Lyonnais. But the French club had been overtaken by the Premier League team.

    His namesake also played at Flamengo in the past, in the basketball section. The error of the club may therefore come from there. Aged 19, he left the Brazilian club in 2020 and now plays in the minor leagues. The young man discovered the error on his account while he was traveling with his family. “I hadn’t even seen it, I was traveling with my godmother. It was when I got home that my mother texted me,” the basketball player told Brazilian media. Globe.

    “I didn’t know where the money came from”

    But he quickly realized that this money was not intended for him and became worried. “I was scared because I didn’t know where the money was coming from. I thought someone made the wrong deposit or something. My sponsor also said that I had to be careful because someone might use my account to launder money. »

    Since then, Flamengo has realized his thoughtlessness. Four days after the events, at the beginning of March, the club seized the Federal Court to recover the money. Justice accepted and Joao Victor Gomes da Silva playing in Wolverhampton was finally able to receive his transfer.

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