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    Athletics: the impressive fall of a Spanish hurdler, victim of a thoracic and cranial trauma

    The image is spectacular, terrible. But above all scary! While competing in the 60m hurdles final of the European Indoor Championship on Sunday in Istanbul, of which he was one of the favorites, Enrique Llopis fell heavily to the ground after stumbling on the 5th and last obstacle.

    While the winner, the Swiss Jason Joseph, was overjoyed, the young Spaniard (22) remained for long minutes on the ground, motionless, unconscious. A scene that plunged the stadium into a disturbing silence. The runner quickly underwent first aid from the organisation’s doctors and tarpaulins were pulled around him to hide him from prying eyes. He was later transported to a hospital where he spent the night under observation.

    Doctor Juan Manuel Alonso, close to the Spanish Federation, announced that Llopis suffered from chest and cranial trauma and a concussion. “The first radiological examinations show no neurological or bone lesion. He will remain under observation overnight as a precaution,” the doctor tweeted. Reassuring words later confirmed by José Peiró, the Spanish coach. “Llopis seems to be fine. He suffered a concussion but quickly regained consciousness and complains of muscle pain, this is normal and shows that he is well. The important thing is that he has no serious injuries. »

    This Monday morning the young Spaniard reassured everyone by sending a message from his hospital bed. “All the tests went well, now it’s time to recover,” said Enrique Llopis in particular.

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