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    Ligue 1: the president of Troyes sentenced for a violent act against his wife

    While his team will receive Monaco on Sunday during the 26th day of Ligue 1, the executive president of the Troyes club, Aymeric Magne will have other concerns in mind. The leader was indeed sentenced Thursday to a suspended prison sentence for a violent act against his wife.

    The information, revealed by the daily Est Éclair, was confirmed by AFP. The president of Estac was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment with a simple reprieve and a fine of 1,500 euros, said the public prosecutor of Troyes, Julie Bernier.

    Without a criminal record, Aymeric Magne was prosecuted for this gesture committed during an argument during the couple’s return by car after an “alcoholic evening”, she specified. His wife had opened the passenger side door while he was driving and “he would have pressed her with his arm against the seat, squeezing her neck”, she explained about this evening return on the night of October 28 to 29.

    Aymeric Magne was finally caught by justice when his wife had not filed a complaint following this scene. Contacted by AFP, Aymeric Magne’s counsel, Xavier Honnet, said he appealed this Friday morning. “There was no blow, it was a sudden gesture in a particular situation, without the will to commit violence,” he said.

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