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    PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Saturday March 4 in Vincennes: Galileo Bello closes the ban in the temple of the trot

    Arrival of the fifth: 5 – 7 – 8/6 – 14

    Anne-Françoise Donati did not hide her joy after the success of Galileo Bello (No. 5) hugging his driver, Gabriele Gelormini. The transalpine pilot led his pupil to success for the last quinté of the winter meeting. A very easy success for the one who signs his 52nd victory at this level: “In the last bend, I won. I was at a trot and didn’t even have to lower my blinders. For Anne-Francoise Donati, this is the fourth straight of her career, the third with this horse. “There was no train and to do 700 m very quickly, he knows how to do it, she admits. As it is a little sickly, it is better on sunny days. The next few weeks therefore promise to be very good for Galileo Bello.

    In retreat, Espresso Good (n° 7), maintained after investigation, made a good finish to secure second place ahead of Walnut Hope (#8) and Ariadne’s Epson (n° 6), which could not be decided by the photo finish for the bronze medal. After placing a magnificent attack on the climb, Fashion Touch (No. 14) asked blew to finish and finally had to settle for fifth place.

    Our synthesis indicated the fifth in the disorder in eight horses.

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