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    digital child surveillance poses a glue – Liberation




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    As the tools intended to support young people and facilitate their daily life develop, the increased control of parents can disturb educational relationships and transform these apps into spy devices.

    Checking his daughter’s latest math grade, tracking his son’s expenses, and why not monitoring their movements, from his mobile phone, between two consultations of his own mailbox or the weather app: the gesture has become so commonplace that many parents do without even thinking about it. Today, in less than a minute and almost live, fathers and mothers can remotely chaperone their offspring with a simple glance at their smartphone. This, thanks to tools – digital workspaces (ENT) provided by the educational institution, such as Pronote, banking applications, including GPS trackers and other spyware – presented as facilitators to organize family life. and educate his child, but which also increase, in fact, the possibility for the parents to supervise their children without interruption. This is not without raising questions, both in terms of the process of empowering children and adolescents and the establishment of a bond of trust within the family, or even the possibility for those under 18 to build a secret garden. The right to

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