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    Dominique Crenn, return to motherhood – Liberation



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    French expatriate in San Francisco, the three-starred chef, daughter of homeless people adopted by Breton notables, opens a restaurant in Paris.

    I’m here because mom [sa mère adoptive, ndlr] is sick. Coming here, talking about this restaurant that’s going to open, talking to the media, it’s paying tribute to mom“begins Dominique Crenn, world star chef with legendary aplomb, who came to Paris on the construction site of her Golden Poppy restaurant which will open soon in the 9th arrondissement. At this level of celebrity, Dominique Crenn controls everything. For her promotion, she travels with her manager, her hairdresser and her make-up artist, like movie stars. She is 57 years old but actually fifteen years younger, has kept this 90s look that reminds us of the character of Shane in the lesbian series The L Word: newsboy cap, sleeveless jacket, T-shirt and necklaces, sequined low-rise jeans on a maddening thinness.

    We can search on Google Images by scrolling far in the past, Dominique Crenn seems to have always had this androgynous body that the years of cooking have not weighed down. His energy is intact, an adolescent intensity, almost suspicious; for the photo, she laughs, grimaces and clowns around. It’s almost too much – too many smiles, too manyI am “a rebel leader”» as she repeats at will (this is the title of her autobiograph


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