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    In South Korea, a female dog of life – Liberation




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    Cuddled like children by some, eaten by others… a report between a kindergarten for dogs and a breeding farm, at a time when the discussion surrounding the ban on the consumption of canine meat intensifies.

    “In the morning we talk with the parents, then we make them go to the toilet before giving them breakfast, explains Shin Se-jin, the principal of the Bowraum kindergarten. They have class until noon before lunch. In the afternoon, we focus on motor skills, or on aspects of the lessons that they would not have integrated after the nap time. In the evening they can dine here or go home. It’s just like kindergarten for babies! she says, bursting out laughing. It is indeed difficult not to draw a parallel with a school for small humans when walking through the corridors of this establishment specializing in canine education in Seoul, South Korea. Dressed in jeans for some, a shirt and an elegant scarf for others, or a simple collar for the less fortunate, the treatment reserved for the 75 dogs at the center could make some schools green with envy. If it is rare to find a hairdresser inside a kindergarten, here the grooming salon is next to three classrooms, a place dedicated to physical exercise, a veterinary clinic, gardens on several floors, but also a hotel. “They can stay one, two, three weeks, however long they want! Often it is


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