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    Everide, Sporteed, Campsider,… since the health crisis and the boom in the second-hand market, multiple platforms specializing in the resale of sports accessories and equipment between individuals have emerged in France.

    Tennis racket, ski boots, kitesurf kite, cycling shorts, horse saddle… Before the pandemic, you had to get lost in the meanders of Le Bon Coin to have a chance of finding second-hand sports equipment. But for three years and the repeated confinements, the purchase of second-hand objects and clothes has become part of the mores of the French. The market, also driven by platforms like eBay or Vinted, has even been estimated at 7 billion euros in 2021, according to a study by KPMG for the Fédération de l’e-commerce.

    Sniffing the right vein, new platforms for the resale of sporting goods between individuals suddenly began to sprout like mushrooms. The latter feature athletes and adventurers as prestige ambassadors: Mike Horn for Barooders, tennis player Jonathan Eysseric and triathlete Alexia Bailly for Sporteed, trail runner Thibaut Baronian at Campsider or climber Liv Sansoz, mountaineer Paul Bonhomme or the ultra-trailer Kilian Jornet for Everide, all promoters of this circular economy model.

    “The initial idea was to make practitioners aware of consuming in a more virtuous way, both cheaper and more ecological. By being based in Annecy, at the foot of the mountains, we can clearly see the degradation of our practice environment as athletes. raccoon


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