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    Lorraine pâté, stuffing and feasts – Liberation




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    In the Vosges, Amaury L’Hoste makes this dish in the pure tradition, which dates back to the Middle Ages, where the difficulty lies more in the puff pastry than in the stuffing that composes it. To be consumed at the table or between two matches.

    Connections between two trains have always been good. Especially when they feed our backpack with new, unpublished bectances. This is how one autumn afternoon, a sudden craving made us leave Metz station (Moselle) to go grab a snack. Behind the window of a bakery, we eye a pretty little golden ingot mysteriously filled, fueling lust because it is well known: anything out of sight makes the taste buds all the more happy. It goes from the simple apple turnover to the ultra-refined pillow from La Belle Aurore, a real heritage monument dedicated to autumn game stuffing. Pushing the door of the Messina bakery, one thinks that pies, puff pastries and other pâtés en croute are a world of their own, a kind of culinary confessional to which we can dedicate our intimate taste, a secret garden for the helmsmen of the lazarets who enjoy aromatic long-distance sailing alone. Who better than a chrysalis of dough can sublimate tastes and textures from the most humble, like a handful of herbs, to the most chic, even snobs, like truffles and foie gras? “It’s a pâté from Lorraine, the baker tells us. Puff pastry, marinated pork and veal. Is it to eat right away? Shall I heat it up for you?” We nod our heads while blowing a very small “THANKS”.

    This is our first pâté from Lorraine, we are more timid in ordering than with the “salad tom


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