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    “The beer sector has been very affected by the economic difficulties and the ambient gloom” – Liberation



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    Reports, portraits, recommendations… Every month, the “La Tireuse” column tells you about the world of beer. Today, Jérôme Martinez Garcia, founder of the Montreuilloise brewery, tells why he stops his activity.

    In 2013, when he founded the artisanal brewery La Montreuilloise, east of Paris, Jérôme Martinez Garcia was a pioneer of Ile-de-France beer. But today he is forced to stop its production and close shop, ten years after its launch. In question, a double Covid-inflation effect which hits many small breweries head-on, unable to keep up with the rising costs of raw materials and in particular that of glass. The 52-year-old entrepreneur and beerologist returns for Release on the current difficulties of a sector which until now seemed relatively sheltered from economic setbacks.

    What are the reasons that led you to close your brewery despite a certain local success and more than ten years of activity?

    We have to go back to the creation of the brewery. For a long time, we occupied premises located at the top of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) near an old factory where there was a rehabilitation project. We rented the place thanks to a precarious lease and, in the summer of 2020, we had to leave. For more than a year, we were nomadic brewers: that is to say, we brewed our beer in the facilities of other companies. When we found a local in the summer of 2021, it was bigger and more expensive because we had an am


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