The Another

    The fake spy, real-life crook who conned his way across France



    Alice found him small, fat and ugly, but funny and undeniably charming. And it’s not every day that you meet a Scottish lord and a retired general from the British army, charged by Her Royal Majesty with mysterious and extremely secret missions. Andrew Alan Itzac Fraser of Lovat claimed to be descended from a long line of Scottish lords, a clan from the region of Inverness, in the northeast of the country. The first Fraser of Lovat was hanged and quartered in 1306; Simon Fraser, known as “the Fox,” was the last man to be publicly beheaded in Britain, in 1747, and the family motto remains, imperturbably, “I am ready.”

    Lord Andrew was also ready, but though he avoided being beheaded, he was not always able to sidestep prison – though he always managed to get out again and start afresh. He had been “ready” to dupe gullible minds since his early youth, thanks to an incredible gift of gab, a nerve that was its equal, an encyclopedic memory and a certain understanding of human psychology. His dozens of victims ended up discovering that his real name was the much more humble Alain Jollois, born on January 23, 1964, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris. The man is still on the run, after a fraudulent tour de Franceduring which he showed an undeniable talent for it.

    Alice – who, being not very proud of the affair, prefers to use a pseudonym – met “Lord Andrew” on a dating site on April 4, 2021. They met in Paris. He was a small man with glasses, charming and funny, and he quickly gained his confidence. He was over-educated and a former student of Umberto Eco in Bologna. Eventually, he told her that he had been stationed in Paris for NATO, but that in fact he worked for the British Crown and knew the Queen personally. He mentioned in hushed tones his secret missions in Lebanon and Yemen, and admitted that he was now a top agent for MI6, the British secret service.

    Alice, of course, was astonished, but Andrew was brilliant, proved himself to be incredibly erudite, told anecdote after anecdote, cited a thousand examples, knew important people, and to boot, he was single. His wife Sylvie was unfortunately deceased. Like him, she had been poisoned at the end of August 2020 in the Jura during a dangerous mission. They had been exfiltrated by “the services,” but she had not survived (sob).

    ‘Lynx’ and ‘Pollux’ at the funeral

    When, on April 9, 2021, Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, was taken from his family, Lord Andrew was invited to the funeral and kindly proposed to his dear Alice that she accompany him. There were formalities: two days later, John Townsend, Andrew’s aide-de-camp in Edinburgh, sent her an encrypted message to inform her that she would receive a pass that would allow her to take a military plane. She had a code name: “Lynx.” Andrew would be “Pollux.” She would of course be subject to a background check, and she would need to wear a wire.

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