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    the misconduct of a German newspaper, by Lucie Taïeb – Liberation



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    The false interview with the former pilot, carried out thanks to an artificial intelligence in Germany, aroused the disorder and the indignation of the family.

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    It is dizzying to imagine that we can talk to those who have left us, those who, on the other side now, will never answer our questions again. Michael Schumacher’s interview published in Germany by the magazine Die Aktuelle is, at first sight, quite different. Die Aktuelle follows the luxurious life of the greats of this world. On the cover of its April edition, the newspaper announces: Michael Schumacher, the first interview! Under the title it reads: “To be mistaken! The underside of the interview! Our newspaper is investigating.

    The pilot, victim of a terrible accident in 2013, has been silent ever since. He asserts here that “His life has changed completely.” He talks about his family (“a terrible ordeal”) his coma (“my body couldn’t take it all”).

    The magazine, however, indicates that these answers were found on an artificial intelligence site (characters.aiaccording to information fromÜbermedian), while leaving room for doubt: from what source, if not from Schumacher himself or his relatives, could the site get its information? And to conclude: “Too good to be true ? If Michael Schumacher could talk to us, it would be a worldwide sensation. And a miracle, which would also answer our prayers. A real miracle.”

    Michael Schumacher’s family has filed a complaint, and we can certainly judge the infamous process. Freed collected the comments of the first interested party. Talking to Michael Schumacher about characters.aiwe learn: that he doesn’t want to be called Mike, that he rebels when we say he’s in a coma, that he’ll give us a big slap (in English first , then in German) if we continue to ask him questions.

    The AI ​​amuses, creates confusion, but it is not afraid to repeat itself, and is content to quote the original. It freezes the fake Schumi in the words he used to make. To really misunderstand it, it would be necessary to add the necessary ingredient to any good miracle: faith.


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