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    “The night is dancing, meeting friends and above all having fun” – Liberation



    Chronicle “it’s back”

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    Organizers, DJs, establishment managers, night owls, observers… Every Wednesday, “Libé” gives voice to those who live for and through the night. Today, the model, graphic designer and head of communications from Fawa, a hybrid place under the ring road in northern Paris which is due to open its doors this spring.

    Lately, she returns to her childhood loves. Namely R’n’B, hip hop, raggae dancehall or afro-beat. Faithful to the capital’s techno evenings since she landed there in the mid-2010s, from club parties to raves, from the Peripate fire to warehouses, Jessica Nerestant, 30, says she is now looking for less industrial, more solar and carnival vibes, with sounds and rhythm. Of those who recently floated at the Marbrerie de Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) for the Savage Block Party and the Spiritual Gangsta, but also the Creole. “I become more selective and if there is no cohesion and good mood, you feel it quite quickly, it’s very intuitive“, assures the model, also behind the visuals of some electronic parties (the Under your kidneys, among others).

    The Franco-Ivorian, immersed in the deep nocturnal bath during her studies in Toulouse, when she spawned in the bars, the hip-hop evenings of the Connexion café or some less “politically correct” commercial clubs (l’Envol or l’Inox) , considers that she discovered the night thanks to Paris and Paris thanks to the night. “When I arrived, I had just turned 25, I went out every weekend, at first in the ba

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