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    tuna what to do, a Polynesian fish – Liberation



    Passage in the kitchen to warm up the mood.

    Do you want to be in great shape before going back to the demonstration? Head to the best fishmonger in your town to prepare a Polynesian classic: Tahitian raw fish. A nice fillet of bluefin tuna is recommended, as fresh as possible to avoid any disappointment. If the price per kilo panics, another firm-fleshed fish will do, such as dolphinfish or swordfish. And we avoid endangered species – that goes without saying.

    The lemon juice will somehow cook the fish, and its acidity will be offset by the sweetness of the coconut milk. Be careful to choose cans with as much coconut extract as possible. Do not hesitate to shake it before purchase to judge the consistency and avoid cooking with cream.

    For 4 people: 200 g of rice; 600 g of bluefin tuna; 50 cl of coconut milk, five limes; a white onion; salt pepper ; unlimited seasonal raw vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, carrots); parsley.

    Cut the tuna into cubes, leave for an hour in salted water. Drain and then mix with the lemon juice for fifteen to forty-five minutes depending on your preference. Drain without rinsing. Cut the raw vegetables and the onion into strips, pour them, as well as the coconut milk, into a dish and mix with the fish. Salt, pepper. Put everything in the fridge before serving with hot rice.

    Accompany the dish with a cold lager and enjoy a well-deserved moment of peace.


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