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    Frédéric Mitterrand loves Brad Pitt so much that he dedicated a biography to him and dressed up in some of his roles for the latest issue of Paris Match. We don’t see the problem.

    Mockery is easy. Frédéric Mitterrand in Brad Pitt, oh la la, how inappropriate, how ridiculous! A man of that stature! A former minister should not do that! What next ? Frédéric Mitterrand says it himself in this interview granted to Match : he is rather a minister than he should ever have been. And Bam. At the age of 75, Frédéric Mitterrand farts his little boulard. But didn’t all this start long before? When do you start dressing up, when you’ve been a statesman, a writer, a journalist, a director, an editor, all that and more? After a life of role-playing games, hasn’t he played the chameleon enough, like a Zelig?

    This is the story of a man who one day is asked to become a minister. He accepts out of weakness, “for glory” as he says in the article that accompanies the photos. Few would dare to admit it. He is the one who is afraid of displeasing, of hurting; he did, however, as it will be pointed out to him after the publication of the bad lifepublished in 2005, where he recounts his paid relationships and

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