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    Popularized by athletes like Kilian Jornet, trail running, a sport long monopolized by people in their forties CSP+, is attracting more and more new generations in search of exploits and a connection with nature.

    “It’s still more fun to run in nature rather than in town”, launches Hugo, such an evidence. If this 27-year-old physio recently moved to Reunion, it’s not just for professional reasons. The Diagonal of Fools…I’ve been thinking about it for years”, slips the one who has been trail running for five years. This mythical race lives up to its name: 165 km to cover with a positive elevation gain of 10,000 meters in an idyllic setting. Every year, more and more runners want to take part, and now you have to register months in advance to have a small chance of winning your ticket, after a draw and qualification tests.

    “When I started the small trails in the Center region, it was to train for the triathlon, to change the route. The big trails, I really got into Reunion, it allows me to visit the island at the same time, to take advantage of inaccessible places… I like the adventurous sidesays Hugo, who notes, in addition to the explosion in the number of trail runners in recent years, a rejuvenation of runners in the pelotons. When you see Kilian Jornet’s Instagram stories with sublime landscapes, it makes you want to do the same thing, that’s for sure.”

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